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EPI specializes in consulting on the development, integration, and operation of complex Automation Systems.


From your technology choices and user requirements we will plan, manage . execute and deliver automation systems that achieve your expectations.
Industrie 4.0 From Audit , technology selection , installation and start-up we will accompany you all the way in your digital journey
Project Management With more than 100 years of cumulated experience in project management our team can provide the project management leadership that you need
Business Process Improvement If your needs are not only specific to one single project but cover an entire program or portfolio , we are the people you need to make you successful
Manufacturing Process Improvement All our consultants have developed their experience in the manufacturing world and understand not only your project and business needs but the end reason for those projects:  manufacturing products that will allow your business to flourish.
Control Performance Improvement   We have developed a lot of our experience in the automation and control world. We know what is important
to maximize your manufacturing and control system performance in an efficient way to optimize your manufacturing operation
MES Manufacturing Execution System are more and more popular but very little implementation are very successful.
Our specialist can identify why and will assist you in avoiding the pitfall most companies did face.
Automation Technical Services Beside our Project Management Consultants , we also provide technical leadership for your automation project .
Manufacturing Support Services Our consultants can support your manufacturing operations in a different way than other companies. Our focus being on automation, our approach will improve your bottom line: profitability.
 Training Services In conjunction with our sister company SkillPad, our specialist will work with your project or operation employees to identify where our computer based training will provide the most benefits to you company

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